25 March 2002 (A/ES-10/160-S/2002/307)

Letter sent by Dr. Nasser Al-Kidwa, Ambassador and Permanent Observer of Palestine to the U.N., to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the President of the Security Council, and the President of the General Assembly: ( Many More Palestinians Civilians Killed by Israeli Occupying Forces)

Israel, the occupying Power continues with its bloody military campaign against the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including Jerusalem. Since my last letter to you, dated 15 March 2002 (A/ES-10/159-S/2002/281), Israeli occupying forces have killed 38 more Palestinians bringing the total number of Palestinian martyrs to 1167 since 28 September 2000. (The names of the martyrs are contained in the annex to the present letter). In addition, I wish to also draw attention to the fact that many more Palestinian civilians continue to be injured, many severely, by the Israeli occupying forces.

Today, Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Ariel Sharon, spoke of a three-phase plan with a "long-range interim period" as its goal. This reaffirms once more that Mr. Sharon wants to avoid a final settlement between the two sides in complete violation of the existing agreements, which could only lead to further confrontation, tension and violence. The rejection of a final settlement and real peace between the two sides by Mr. Sharon has been the real reason for the above-mentioned Israel military campaign against our people.

I am writing this letter in follow-up to my previous 108 letters to you regarding the escalating crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including Jerusalem, dated from 29 September 2000 to 15 March 2002 (A/55/432-S/2000/921; A/55/437-S/2000/930; A/55/450-S/2000/957; A/55/466-S/2000/971; A/55/474-S/2000/984; A/55/490-S/2000/993; A/ES-10/39-S/2000/1015; A/ES-10/40-S/2000/1025; A/ES-10/42-S/2000/1068; A/ES-10/43-S/2000/1078; A/ES-10/44-S/2000/1093; A/ES-10/45-S/2000/1104; A/ES-10/46- S/2000/1107; A/ES-10/47-S/2000/1116; A/ES-10/48-S/2000/1129; A/ES-10/49-S/2000/1154; A/ES-10/50-S/2000/1173; A/ES-10/51- S/2000/1185; A/ES-10/52-S/2000/1206; A/ES-10/53-S/2000/1247; A/ES-10/54-S/2001/7; A/ES-10/55-S/2001/33; A/ES-10/56-S/2001/50; A/ES-10/57-S/2001/101; A/ES-10/58-S/2001/131; A/ES-10/59-S/2001/156; A/ES-10/60-S/2001/175; A/ES-10/61- S/2001/189; A/ES-10/64-S/2001/209; A/ES-10/65-S/2001/226; A/ES-10/66-S/2001/239; A/ES-10/67-S/2001/255; A/ES- 10/68-S/2001/284; A/ES-10/69-S/2001/295; A/ES-10/70-S/2001/304; A/ES-10/71-S/2001/314; A/ES-10/72-S/2001/332; A/ES-10/75-S/2001/352; A/ES-10/76-S/2001/372; A/ES-10/79-S/2001/418; A/ES-10/80-S/2001/432; A/ES-10/81-S/2001/447; A/ES-10/82-S/2001/463; A/ES-10/83-S/2001/471; A/ES-10/84-S/2001/479; A/ES-10/85-S/2001/486; A/ES-10/86-S/2001/496; A/ES-10/87-S/2001/504; A/ES-10/88-S/2001/508; A/ES-10/89-S/2001/544; A/ES-10/90-S/2001/586; A/ES-10/91-S/2001/605; A/ES-10/92-S/2001/629; A/ES-10/93-S/2001/657; A/ES-10/94-S/2001/669; A/ES-10/95-S/2001/686; A/ES-10/96-S/2001/697; A/ES-10/97-S/2001/708; A/ES-10/98-S/2001/717; A/ES-10/99S/2001/742; A/ES-10/100-S/2001/754; A/ES10/101-S/2001/783; A/ES-10/102-S/2001/785; A/ES-10/103-S/2001/798; A/ES10/104- S/2001/812; A/ES-10/105-S/2001/814; A/ES-10/107-S/2001/821; A/ES-10/108-S/2001/826; A/ES-10/111-S/2001/880; A/ES-10/112-S/2001/918; A/ES-10/114-S/2001/928; A/ES-10/115-S/2001/932; A/ES-10/116-S/2001/941; A/ES-10/117-S/2001/971 A/ES-10/118-S/2001/989; A/ES-10/119-S/2001/991; A/ES-10/121-S/2001/1007, A/ES-10/122-S/2001/1024; A/ES-10/123-S/2001/1036; A/ES-10/124-S/2001/1084; A/ES-10/125-S/2001/1092; A/ES-10/126-S/2001/1118; A/ES-10/128-S/2001/1149; A/ES-10/129-S/2001/1166; A/ES-10/133-S/2000/1239; A/ES-10/134-S/2001/126; A/ES-10/136-S/2002/18; A/ES-10/137-S/2002/39; A/ES-10/138-S/2002/48; A/ES-10/139-S/2002/58; A/ES-10/140-S/2002/89; A/ES-10/141-S/2002/95; A/ES-10/142-S/2002/102; A/ES-10/143-S/2002/121; A/ES-10/144-S/2002/142; A/ES-10/145-S/2002/146; A/ES-10/146-S/2002/165; A/ES-10/147-S/2002/175; A/ES-10/148-S/2002/182; A/ES-10/149-S/2002/186; A/ES-10/150-S/2002/214; A/ES-10/151-S/2002/223; A/ES-10/152-S/2002/232; A/ES-10/154-S/2002/242; A/ES-10/155-S/2002/248; A/ES-10/156-S/2002/245; A/ES-10/157-S/2002/253; A/ES-10/158-S/2002/258 and A/ES-10/159-S/2002/281).

Names of Martyrs killed by Israeli occupying forces In the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including Jerusalem* (Saturday, 16 March 2002 to Monday, 25 March 2002)

Saturday, 16 March 2002

  1. Majdi Fadel Al-Owewe
  2. Mohammed Salama Dana
  3. Loay Mohammed Istati
  4. Khalil Bade Al-gharour
  5. Majed Mohammed Abu Al-Jediar
  6. Nidal Abdelnasser Ashour (16 years old)

Sunday, 17 March 2002

  1. Shaima Saed Hamad (11 years old)
  2. Nahed Mohammed Issa
  3. Ismael Abdelrahman Hamdan
  4. Mujahed Arafat Abu Shabab (2 years old) (from sustained wounds)
  5. Mahmoud Mossa Jawaresh

Monday, 18 March 2002

  1. Falah Kamel Al-Assa

Tuesday, 19 March 2002

  1. Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Kameel
  2. Ahmed Ali Ateeq
  3. Ahmed Bahjat Shehdeh Al-Alami
  4. Suliman Al-Zurai’ee
  5. Mohammed Mohammed Hussein Abu Obeid

Wednesday, 20 March 2002

  1. Mohammed Iyad Al-Mughrabi (11 years old) (from wounds sustained on 17 March 2002)

Thursday, 21 March 2002

  1. Mahdouh Ali Muhsen (from wounds sustained on 18 March 2002)

Friday, 22 March 2002

  1. Ayman Mohammed Rasheed Khawaldeh

Saturday, 23 March 2002

  1. Nidal Ibrahim Hamdi Al-Alami
  2. Eissa Wasfi Al-Nizr
  3. Naji Ahmed Al-Ajrami
  4. Mohammed Suliman Abu Hassanein
  5. Nabil Khamis Abdel Ghafoor
  6. Subhi Hasan Abu Namoos
  7. Riham Hossam Abu Taha (4 years old) (from wounds sustained on 21 March 2002)
  8. Mohammed Ali Othman

Sunday, 24 March 2002

  1. Basem Mohammed Ali Abu Shehadeh
  2. Nashaat Hamdan Abu Assi
  3. Mohammed Abu Moamer
  4. Ahmed Barbakh
  5. Ahmed Abu Ne’ma

Monday, 25 March 2002

  1. Moneeb Sami Abu Baker
  2. Khaled Mahmoud Abu Oreban
  3. Mahmoud Abu Yaseen (15 years old)
  4. Samer Mohammed Abdeljawad
  5. Wahed Abu Halema

*Total number of Palestinian martyrs killed by Israeli occupying forces since 28 September 2000 = 1,167