Names of the Council Ministers of the Palestinian Authority



Prime Minister and Minister for Information and Islamic Waqf- H.E. Mr. Ahmed Qurei

Minister of External Affairs- H.E. Dr. Nabil Shaath

Minister of Finance-H.E. Dr. Salam Fayad

Minster of Interior- H.E. Mr. Nasser Yousef

Minister of Education-H.E. Dr. Naeem Abu  Al-Hummus

Minister of Local Affairs- H.E. Mr. Jamal Shobaki

Minister of Negotiation Affairs- H.E. Dr. Saeb Erekat

Minister of Interior- H.E.Mr. Hakam  Bal'awi

Minister of National Economy- H.E. Mr. Maher Al-Masri

Minister of Education and Higher Education- H.E. Mr. Naim Abul Houmos

Minister of Justice- H.E. Mr. Nahed Al-Rayyes

Minister of Health- H.E. Mr.Jawad Al-Tibi

Minister of Public Works and Housing- H.E. Mr. Abdul Rahman Hamad

Minister of Social Affairs- H.E. Mrs.Intisar A-Wazeer

Minister of Telecommunications and Technology- H.E. Mr. Azzam Al-Ahmad

Minister of Local Government- H.E. Mr. Jamal Al-Shobaki

Minister of Prisoner Affairs- H.E. Mr. Hisham Abdul Razeq

Minister of Culture- H.E. Mr. Yahia Yakhlof

Minister of Planning- H.E. Nabeel Kassis

Minister of Tourism and Archeology- H.E. Mr. Mitri Abu Eitah

Minister of Transport-H.E. M. Hikmat Zeid

Minister of Youth and Sports- H.E. Mr. Salah Ta'mari

Minister of Labor-H.E.Mr. Ghassan Al-Khatib

Minister of Civil Affairs-H.E. Mr. Jamil Al-Tarifi

Minister for Women Affairs- H.E. Mrs. Zuhaira Kamal

Minster of State-H.E. Mr. Qaddura Fares

Minister of State- H.E. Mr. Suleiman Abu Sneineh

Cabinet Secretary and Head of PM Office- H.E. Dr. Hassan Abu Libdeh