34th Organization of African Unity (OAU) Summit (Burkina Faso, 1-11 June 1998)

Report to the 68th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers and the 34th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government 


Section xvii: Middle East

Paragraph 140: I briefed Council at its last Session on the stalemate in the peace process in the Middle East in general and Palestine in particular. The persistent intransigence and lack of commitment shown by the Israeli government continued to be a source of concern and preoccupation within the international community. Indeed, it is increasingly felt that if the current impasse is allowed to continue, it could strengthen the position of those opposed to the Oslo Peace Process, thus undermining the credibility of the Palestinian Authority, which has, so far, demonstrated its commitment to the peace process and made concessions and sacrifices. It is further feared that this could lead to the eruption of large-scale violence and hostilities in the area.

Paragraph 141: Since then the situation has remained unchanged despite the efforts made by the US Administration, the European Union, Egypt and others to bridge the gap between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Most recent efforts by the peace brokers did not succeed in changing the Israeli position, thus creating considerable frustration within the international community.

Paragraph 142: The OAU, on its part, has been supporting the peace process aimed at seeking a just, peaceful and lasting solution to the conflict and fulfilling the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. The OAU has vested interest in a speedy resolution of the conflict based on relevant UN Resolutions and on the agreements reached by both sides. It is therefore its fervent hope that no effort will be spared to preserve the chance for a just, peaceful and lasting solution which would ensure security and stability for all in the region and that all necessary pressure will continue to be exerted on Israel to honour its commitments and rededicate itself to the peace process.