Group of 8 (G-8) Communiqué from the Denver Summit of the Eight (22 June 1997)

Excerpts from Political Situations/Middle East Section:

Paragraph 84: The Peace Process faces a crisis, and we are determined to reinject momentum into it. Restoring the sense of security and confidence among Israelis and Palestinians is essential. We shall do our utmost to reinvigorate implementation of the Oslo Accords and to uphold the principles of Madrid, including the exchange of land for peace. All the problems need to be addressed peacefully through serious and credible negotiations. Both sides must refrain from actions that impede the peace process by preempting permanent status negotiations. We believe strongly in the importance of working with Israel, Syria and Lebanon to resume direct talks in order to achieve a comprehensive settlement in the region. We welcome the important role the Monitoring Group has played in strengthening the Understanding of April 26, 1996 and in reducing risks to civilians in southern Lebanon and Israel. We affirm the importance of the activities within the multilateral framework of the peace process.

Paragraph 85: Economic growth and prosperity are critical to peace. We urge regional parties to pursue economic cooperation among themselves and integration into the global economy. We welcome all efforts to promote the region’s development of viable and sustainable economies, including assistance to the Palestinians, and urge donors to fulfill pledges made.