6 December 1995 (Not distributed)

Letter from Dr. Nasser Al-Kidwa, Permanent Observer of Palestine to the U.N., to the Secretary-General of the United Nations: (Palestinian Elections) 

Following the signing of the Interim Agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip of 28 September 1995 in Washington, D.C., Palestinian elections for the Council and Ra'ees of the Executive Authority will take place on 20 January 1996. This election represents a very important development for the Palestinian people. The election process in all its stages will be open to international observation, which will be conducted according to accepted international standards.

The issue of the participation of the United Nations in the observation of the elections was previously discussed between Your Excellency and President Arafat. At this stage, upon instructions, I have the honor to formally request the participation of the United Nations in the observation of the election process. I believe that it is worth mentioning that several other delegations will be participating in the observation, including the United States of America, the Russian Federation, Canada, Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Norway, the Organization of African Unity, the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the European Union, which has been invited to act as the coordinator of these elections.

We attach great importance, Your Excellency, to the participation of the United Nations in the observation of the upcoming elections, and we look forward to its effective and broad contribution in this regard. We hope that the names of those designated by the United Nations to participate in the United Nations observer delegation can be conveyed as early as possible to the Palestinian Central Election Commission for accreditation and to allow for the start of related procedural matters. For ease of reference, please find enclosed the agreed Common Terms of Reference for International Observers in the annex on protocol concerning elections.