9 June 1998 (A/52/948, S/1998/487)

Letter from Dr. Nasser Al-Kidwa, Permanent Observer of Palestine to the U.N., to the Secretary-General of the U.N. and the President of the Security Council: (Jerusalem Settlements)

In follow up to my letter to you yesterday, 8 June 1998, regarding the ongoing illegal Israeli actions in Jerusalem, I wish to further inform you that the Interior Ministry of Israel, the occupying Power, today approved the construction of 58 housing units for Jewish settlers in the area of the Mount of Olives in occupied East Jerusalem. The decision is yet another example of the pursuit, by the Government of Israel, of an intensified expansionist policy for the colonization and judaization of Arab Jerusalem, with the support of lunatic Jewish settler groups and the illegal municipality of Jerusalem.

Such actions demonstrate clearly the intransigence of the Israeli government and its persistence in defying the will of the international community and in violating international law and United Nations resolutions. In this context, it is imperative for the international community to take measures in order to confront these Israeli policies and actions, to ensure respect for international law and to prevent further escalation of the situation in the whole region.

The Security Council, as the body responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security, should formally consider the situation with a view of taking the necessary actions in this regard.