Press Release (31 July 1997) 

The Palestinian side, at all levels, condemned the bombings which occurred yesterday, 30 July 1997, in West Jerusalem. Since the beginning of the peace process, there has been an established Palestinian policy against such acts and against any violence directed at innocent civilians on both sides.

In the wake of the bombings, the Israeli government has been undertaking a series of collective punishment measures against the Palestinian people as a whole, including the isolation of areas and the imposition of severe restrictions on the movement of persons and goods. The Israeli government has also taken both verbal and concrete measures against the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian officials. These measures and actions run counter to the common purpose of isolating extremists and ending violence as a whole.

While these actions may be the result of legitimate pain in reaction to the bombings, we have become increasingly concerned over their negative impact and consequences, as well as the political motives or goals which might be behind them, including the preemption of potential serious progress in the peace process.

We reiterate the commitment of the Palestinian side to the agreements reached between the two sides, and we call for the cessation of all violations of those agreements and full compliance and cooperation by the two sides.