Press Release (25 March 1994)

Over the past few days, several Jordanian officials have been making confusing comments on the issue of Jerusalem in connection with the action taken by the Security Council on 18 March 1994, when it adopted without a vote Resolution 904 (1994). Until now, the Palestinian side has avoided responding to those puzzling statements because of the centrality and sensitivity of the issue of Jerusalem for all Arabs, and in an effort to avoid any hint of possible disagreement on this crucial issue.

Today, however, the Arab daily newspaper "Al-Hayat" reported that the Permanent Representative of Jordan to the United Nations, in a similar statement, suggested that the issue of Jerusalem might have been better served if the Palestinian side had accepted removal of the reference to Jerusalem from Resolution 904 (1994). While the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations expresses its astonishment over such a statement, it emphasizes the fact that the removal of the reference would have been the first time not to refer to Jerusalem as part of the occupied territories in any Security Council resolution. Having done that would have amounted to total submission to illegitimate requests from the United States administration on this important issue.

The Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations wishes to state that the Palestinian side remains proud of its position of principle, and calls for a united Arab front to confront the indications of a change in the American position on this important issue and the possibility of further deterioration of that position. At the same time, the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine expresses its satisfaction with the joint position adopted by the Arab Group in its meeting on 24 March 1994, taking a series of actions in this regard.