16 October 2000 (A/55/490, S/2000/993)

Letter sent by Dr. Nasser Al-Kidwa, Ambassador and Permanent Observer of Palestine to the U.N., to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the President of the Security Council and the President of the General Assembly: (Israeli Force & Blockade)

In follow up to my last five letters, dated 29 September 2000, 2 October 2000, 4 October 2000, 9 October 2000 and 12 October 2000 (A/55/432, S/2000/921; A/55/437, S/2000/930; A/55/450, S/2000/957; A/55/466/, S/2000/971; A/55/474 S/2000/984), I regret to inform once more that Israel, the occupying Power, continues with its campaign of terror against the Palestinian people and continues to massacre and injure more Palestinian civilians. Israel, the occupying Power, has persisted in its campaign in total disregard of Security Council resolution 1322 (2000) of 7 October 2000.

Since my letter, dated 9 October 2000,to which the names of martyrs killed from 4 October to 8 October 2000 was annexed, until today, the Israeli occupying forces have killed 11 more Palestinians, bringing the total number to 87. (Names of Martyrs are annexed.) The number of injuries has also increased, rising to over 3000, many of whom are in critical condition.

In addition to the above, Israel, the occupying Power, has intensified the severe restrictions it has imposed on the movement of persons and goods. At this time, there is a virtual siege imposed by the occupying Power on the entire Occupied Palestinian Territory, including Jerusalem, which has already caused great difficulties for the population. This siege has included the shutting down of the air space of Gaza International Airport, as well as the closure of other international crossing points.

We regret that the Security Council did not respond on 12 October 2000, to our call for an immediate meeting and action by the Council. At this stage, we once again stress the imperative need for full compliance by Israel, the occupying Power, with Security Council resolution 1322 (2000) of 7 October 2000, and all other relevant resolutions of the Council. We also stress the overall responsibility of the Council and the international community as a whole to ensure such compliance.


Names of Martyrs killed by the Israeli security forces

in the Occupied Palestinian Territory including Jerusalem

(Wednesday, 11 October 2000 to Monday, 16 October 2000)

Wednesday, 11 October 2000

  1. Sami Hassan Salameh (17 years old)
  2. Karm Omar Qannan
  3. Mohammad Ghassan Bouzieh
  4. Maher Mohammad Mutlak

Thursday, 12 October 2000

  1. Sami Fathi Abu Jazar (12 years old)
  2. Khalil Lawrence Bader

Friday, 13 October 2000

  1. Monsour Taha Said Ahmed
  2. Shadi Mohamad Al-Wadi

Sunday, 15 October 2000

  1. Raed Yakub Hamouda

Monday, 16 October 2000

  1. Misbah Abd El Qadar Abu Atik
  2. Muiad Usma Jawarish (13 years old)