Mid-January 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 1):

Clintonís "Parameters"

Security Council Fails to Adopt Resolution on U.N. Observer Force

U.S. Representative to U.N. Seeks to Neutralize U.N. Role

The Year in Review: 2000

The File of the Crimes

Mid-February 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 2):

Sharonís Victory over Barak and the Troubles Ahead

Palestine Participates in Preparatory Committee on Children

Israelís Use of Depleted Uranium

EU Presidency Issues Statement on Israeli Election

Consultations on Conference of High Contracting Parties Continue

Mid-March 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 3)

The New Israeli Government, the Bleak Situation and the Responsibility of the International Community

Despite Bias, U.S. State Department Human Rights Report Strongly Critical of Israel

United Nations Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People


UNRWA Launches Another Emergency Appeal

High Contracting Parties to 4th Geneva Convention Respond

Mid-April 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 4):

U.S. Thwarts Security Council Efforts to Protect Palestinian Civilians

Security Council Draft Resolution Vetoed on 27 March 2001

U.N. Human Rights Commission of Inquiry Reports on Israeli Violations

U.N. Secretary-General Addresses Arab Summit in Amman

Mid-May 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 5):

NAM Committee on Palestine Meeting

Fact-Finding Committee Report

Commission on Human Rights Resolutions

Update on Swiss Efforts

Mid-June 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 6):

The Mitchell Report and Israeli Maneuvers

UNICEF & the Palestinian Child

The 25th Special Session of the General Assembly on Human Settlements (Habitat II) Convenes

Mid-July 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 7):

Sharon Tries to Escape Implementation of the Mitchell Report, U.S. Still Hesitant

In the Presence of President Castro, 10,000 Cubans Express Solidarity with the Palestinian People

U.N. Secretary-General Visits the Middle East

Kofi Annan Reappointed as U.N. Secretary-General

U.N. Secretary-General Condemns Israeli policy of "Targeted Assassinations



Mid-September 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 8)

The World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance Convenes -Imperfect Documents Represent an Achievement

The Security Council Meets, With No Action Taken, on the Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Draft Resolution Presented by Palestine

United Nations Special Coordinator in the Occupied Territories

Palestine and the UN Expresses its Deepest Condolences

Mid-October 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 9):

The Terrorist Attacks of 11 September 2001

Despite All, Israel Maintains Negative Attitude

The Palestinian People Mark the One-Year Anniversary of the Al-Aqsa Intifada

The United Nations and Secretary-General Kofi Annan Share the Nobel Peace Prize

Mid-November 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 10):

President Arafat Addresses the 56th Session of the General Assembly

President Bush Endorses Israel-Palestine Vision, But Does Not Meet With President Arafat

NAM Ministerial Meeting Adopts Special Declaration on Palestine

Security Council Again Fails to Take Action on Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Mid-December 2001 (Volume 6, Issue 11)

Sharon is Killing Chances for Peace

56th Session Adopts Strong Package of Palestinian Resolutions

High Contracting Parties to the 4th Geneva Convention Unanimously Adopt Declaration Regarding the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Holiday Greeting from Palestine & the UN