Mid-April 1997 (Volume 2, Issue 4):

General Assembly Holds Xth Emergency Special Session on Jerusalem and Illegal Israeli Settlements

  • Second U.S. Veto Triggers Rare and Difficult Procedure
  • Rejection of Israeli Actions; Concern for Peace Process; Opposition to Abuse of Veto Behind Palestinian Success

Text of General Assembly Resolution ES-10/2: Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory

  • Strong Resolution (ES-10/2) Overwhelmingly Adopted
  • U.S. Votes Against; Germany Breaks from EU and Abstains

Approximately 60 Speakers – All Express Opposition to Israeli Actions

  • Excerpts from Some Statements

2nd U.S. Veto

Resolution 377 (V) of 1950 – Uniting for Peace: Tool of Last Resort for Membership

  • Third World Asserts Itself Once More at U.N.