NAM Draft Resolution Presented to Security Council

On 8 December 2000, six members of the Security Council who are members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Bangladesh, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mali, Namibia, and Tunisia presented a draft resolution dealing with the issue of protection of Palestinian civilians. If the draft is adopted, the Council would decide to establish a U.N. force of military and police observers to be dispatched throughout the territories occupied by Israel since 1967.

The step taken by the above-mentioned 6 members, who comprise the NAM Caucus of the Security Council, was preceded by the distribution of an informal text presented by the United Kingdom and France, which had diluted the original text proposed by NAM to an unacceptably mild level. Meanwhile, the U.S. continued to apply pressure on all members of the Council as it aimed to thwart any efforts in this regard, thus once again providing the usual shield for Israel, the occupying Power, from Council action.

The Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the U.N. is pursuing the efforts regarding the draft resolution with determination and remains hopeful that action will soon be taken on the draft resolution before the Security Council so that the Council will shoulder its responsibilities, especially with regard to providing much-needed protection for the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation.