Palestine & The UN Marks 2nd Anniversary

Palestine & The UN enters its third year this October and we, the small team who publish it, are excited about this achievement. The results have been reasonable, judging from the fact that the newsletter was issued monthly as planned (except in the month of August) and was usually distributed on time as well, and judging from the positive reaction of its readers. We believe that we have managed to provide an insight with regard to Palestinian policies on issues relating to the U.N., the developments relating to Palestine at the U.N. and, whenever possible, some information on other important issues.

The problem each month has always been the limited space of the bulletin, which obliges us to condense the material and has led on many occasions to dry, perhaps hard-to-read, articles. Unfortunately, no tangible solution to space is possible given our limited financial resources. Nevertheless, we will continue to try our best to meet the requirements of our general readers, not only the particular interests of the U.N. community and Palestinian embassies and missions, with regard to issues concerning Palestine and the U.N.

We are also more excited because soon Palestine & The UN will be found on the worldwide web as part of the new, forthcoming web site of our Mission at We will, of course, inform our readers when the web site is in operation, which we anticipate to be very soon. We take this opportunity to thank our readers for their continued interest and we look forward to receiving more positive feedback, comments and suggestions.

Palestine & The UN