The New Palestinian Cabinet

24 February 2005


The Palestinian Legislative Council has approved on Thursday 24 February 2005 the new government presented by Prime Minister Ahmed Qurai. The 24-member cabinet, which was ratified by a vote of 54 with, 10 against and 4 abstentions, was sworn in and is composed of the following:



Dr. Nabil Sha'ath                                              Deputy Prime Minister and Information Minister

Dr. Nasser Al-Kidwa                                       Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Salam Fayyad                                             Minister of Finance

M. G. Nasser Yousef                                       Minister of Interior

Mr. Ghassan Al-Khatib                                    Minister of Planning

Dr. Naim Abu El-Humos                                  Minister of Education

Dr. Walid Abed Rabbo                                    Minister of Agriculture

Mr. Farid Al-Jallad                                           Minister of Justice

Dr. Mohammed Ishtayyeh                                 Minister of Public Works and Housing

Dr. Al-Wiheideh                                              Minister of Health

Mr. Yahya Yakhluf                                           Minister of Culture

Dr. Hassan Abu Libdeh                                    Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

Mr. Mohammed Dahlan                                    Minister of Civil Affairs

Sheikh Yousef Salamah                                    Minister of Waqf and Religious Affairs

Dr. Sabri Seidam                                              Minister of Telecommunications

Mr. Sofian Abu Zaydeh                                    Minister of Prisoners Affairs

Eng. Sa'ad Al-Deen Kharma                             Minister of Local Government

Mrs. Zahira Kamal                                           Minister of Women's Affairs

Mr. Sakher Bseiso                                            Minister of Youth and Sport

Mr. Mazen Sonokrot                                        Minister of Economy

Dr. Khaled Al-Qawasmeh                                Minister of Local Governance

Mr. Ziyad Al-Bandak                                       Minister of Tourism

Dr. Ahmad Majdalani                                       Minister Without Portfolio

Mrs. Hind Khouri                                             Minister of State


*Mr. Samir Hlaila                                             Secretary General of the Cabinet