(Jerusalem, 28 May 1964)

Believing in the right of the Palestinian Arab people to its sacred homeland Palestine and affirming the inevitability of the battle to liberate the usurped part from it, and its determination to bring out its effective revolutionary entity and the mobilization of the capabilities and potentialities and its material, military and spiritual forces;

And in realization of the will and determination of our people to wage the battle of liberating its homeland forcefully as the effective and fighting vanguard of the sacred march;

And in realization of a genuine aspiration of the Arab nation embodied in the resolutions of the League of Arab States and the First Arab Summit Conference;

And depending upon God Almighty and in the name of the First Arab Palestinian Congress held in the city of Jerusalem this day on the 16th of Muharram of the year 1384, corresponding to 28 May 1964,

I do hereby proclaim the establishment of the Palestine Liberation Organization as a mobilizing leadership of the forces of the Palestinian Arab people to wage the battle of liberation, as a shield for the rights and aspirations of the people of Palestine and as a road to victory.

Ahmad Shukairy

Chairman of the First Palestinian Conference